About us

About us

Since 2005 we help our customers to grow and improve their results offering training and management services. Working directly ou through partners we developed projects with several great companies in Brazil and Latin America

Our origin in the automotive Market provided a huge knowledge and specialization enhancing dealers performance. We apply this experience and increase profitability and customer satisfaction using flexible and tailor-made solutions.

Human respect, ethics, flexibility and engagement are some o four most most importante values



satisfaction improvement

A big investment in facilities is worthless if employees are not conscious about their role in the customer satisfaction.

Using a smart combination of training, coaching, activities and follow-up people will increase their engagement and the clientes will notice that.

Process standardization
and otimization

Design, implementation and improvement of processes using Lean tools that will reduce time and resources wasting.

Mainly during crises, attention to every detail is what will make the difference in your results.


Full development of training programs, including target definition, agenda, presentations, contente, exercises and evaluation.

We also deliver the trainings and provide statistics to follow-up and improve the result of the investment.

Third party activities

We manage activities for our customers, offering labor, facilities and coordination, in order to optimize their resources.

Channel strategies

Establishment of procedures to place/cancel dealers, creation and analysis of business plans, management of certification programs, follow-up of dealers financial and operational results.



Com atuação direta ou através de parceiros


Working directly or through partners

Our office

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